Microsoft Office 365

These days it is increasingly likely that you, or your mobile staff, need to access the tools that help you all stay productive while you are working remotely or on the road. And that includes Microsoft Office 365 - the dynamic productivity tool which so many small and medium-sized businesses rely on.

STF have a wealth of experience in delivering Office 365 solutions and are able to help you access your Microsoft Office applications from anywhere and at any time - no matter whether you’re working from home or in the air.

But having readily available access is only one piece of the puzzle and to get the most from Office 365 you also need a partner who can show you just what the application can do for your business, while also providing ongoing support and training.

With Microsoft Office 365, you don’t just get the applications, but you get anytime/anywhere access to the applications. Your staff will now be able to use Office programs on their smartphones, tablets and laptops while having access to every file which is stored in the cloud.

Microsoft Office 365 solutions from STF include:

  • Access to your files and documents from anywhere at anytime
  • Easier, often real-time, collaboration between people no matter where they’re located
  • Better communication through instant messenger and web conferencing
  • Security solutions including antivirus and anti-spam
  • 99% uptime and 24/7 support
  • Higher seat limit of 300 employees
  • Email inboxes that have up to 1TB of storage
  • The ability to add more solutions or up- or downgrade to a different plan

Take the tools you are already familiar with - Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint to name but a few - and access them online and you’ll have a powerful suite of applications that will boost productivity and profits.

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