Data Center Services

Save money on hardware and maintenance by moving your servers off-site and into our state-of-the-art data center.

STF Consulting’s Data Center Services provide the most advanced technologies on the market for a fixed monthly fee. This includes data storage racks, servers, backup devices, electricity, cooling equipment, and robust physical security.

When you partner with STF Consulting, our team will begin by migrating your data to our highly secure data servers with minimal disruption of your daily operations. We’ll then replicate your files to create backup copies, deploy our advanced security tools to prevent unauthorized agents from tampering with your data, and monitor your databases 24/7.


Data Center Services from STF Consulting allow you to:

  • Reduce total cost of ownership – enjoy scalable technology that pays for itself over time
  • Increase availability – multiple redundancies ensure maximum uptime, accessible from anywhere there’s internet connection
  • Improve risk management – our tech increases your security and enhances your business continuity plan
  • Do more with less – rid your office of multiple servers and equipment you don’t really need to pay for

High Quality Service

“The employees at STF are great, very knowledgeable and on top of things. If they don’t have an answer, they’ll find one, even after hours. They have always been first rate.”

Steve Gerard
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IT Consulting

Always make the right decisions on new technology and develop a long-term strategy.

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Security Solutions

Prevent hackers from breaching your systems and stealing your data with robust defenses.

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Cloud Services

Give your employees the ability to work from anywhere on any internet-enabled device.

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