Case Studies

Freight Forwarder Keeps Business Moving Through Cloud Upgrade

Importing and exporting goods involves a maze of complex trade and border security regulations that require careful attention, timeliness and accuracy. Fortunately, US Customs forms and processes are now all electronic. So for a company like Export Import Services, a robust and reliable IT environment is mission-critical: without it, they can’t operate.

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Disaster Resistance: Five Lessons about Disaster Recovery from Hurricane Sandy

On Oct. 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy tore through the eastern coast of the United States, causing heavy damage to the New Jersey coastline and New York City. On Oct. 30, the superstorm left 8 million Americans without power, thousands without homes, highways closed, and subway systems flooded.


STF Consulting Flexes Air-Tight Defense & Game-Changing Centralized Management

StorageCraft ShadowProtect Keeps Business Running Smoothly

STF Consulting, based in the Central New Jersey township of Atlantic Highlands, is an IT management firm that provides a managed services portfolio to small and midsized businesses on the New Jersey shore. The firm consists of four employees who are intent on providing maintenance, monitoring, disaster recovery and ongoing network services to customers through a managed services offering.


Verus Claims Services LLC Processing Legal Claims with Proven Security

Verus Claims Services of Hopewell, New Jersey is a 63 employee company with a specific niche: it processes claims for asbestos related personal injury trusts using software it developed in house. Its Microsoft SQL database contains sensitive information about hundreds of thousands of claims and is accessed 24/7 by hundreds of law firms around the United States. Verus and its technology partner STF Consulting rely on Symantec Backup Exec, Symantec Endpoint Protection Enterprise Edition, and Message Labs Hosted Email Security to keep its systems protected, secure, and operating smoothly. Backups don’t interrupt operations and achieve a compression ratio of 7:1, malware attacks are completely prevented, and 95 percent of spam is blocked from the company’s email systems.


An IT Solution from STF Consulting That Helps Make IT “Disappear”

From its beginnings as a seasonal farm stand in 1908, Sickles Market has come a long way. Today the company is an upscale retailer with 130 employees and spans the home, garden, and grocery categories with a broad selection of offerings. “Our business model is a unique combination that goes from peat moss to caviar,” says Mark Sandstrum, general manager of the company. “Our mission is to source, develop, and provide the highest quality products across those categories.” Sickles Market operates in a number of competitive categories in a fast moving environment with constant challenges. “We’re continually asking, do we have the right product? At the right time? Is it merchandised correctly?”


Case Study – STF Consulting

While economic downturns are difficult for many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), STF Consulting has found new opportunities to expand their business and improve the quality of their managed services by migrating all of their customers to the Managed Workplace platform.


Golf Cart Company Hits a Birdie with Cloud

At marinas, corporate campuses, industrial facilities and golf courses across New Jersey, Vic Gerard Golf Carts keeps its customers on the move with high quality golf carts and utility vehicles. But like many businesses of its size, the Farmingdale, NJ-based company poured most of its resources into staying on top of its customers’ new and used cart sales and repair needs while its IT infrastructure stagnated.