Backup and Disaster Recovery

Protect your business’s servers and data with our disaster-proof products and protocols.

Data is an important asset for every business. Losing it to a cyberattack, system failure, or natural disaster could lead to crippling downtime, hefty noncompliance penalties, damaged credibility, and potential lawsuits.

With STF Consulting’s Backup and Disaster Recovery service, you won’t have to worry about any of these catastrophic outcomes. Our team of experts will implement automatic, unobtrusive data replication software to make sure you always have backup copies of your files. And we'll also evaluate the recovery protocols you have in place and develop a more robust plan that guarantees data safety and compliance.

Protect your business now

Features of our Backup and Disaster Recovery service:

  • Extensive reporting – easily determine the security status of your systems and identify which files are being backed up
  • Seeding and bandwidth throttling options – we implement high-speed backups that don’t slow down your network connection
  • Always-up-to-date copies of files – your data is stored and replicated in real time so you will always recover the most recent file versions

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