Boost workforce mobility and save on hardware expenses with virtual office solutions.

Virtualization has revolutionized the way we do business. It has substantially reduced maintenance and hardware costs, helped improve operational efficiency, and simplified disaster recovery. Best of all, it has opened up the possibility of server consolidation.

With STF Consulting’s Virtualization Service, you won’t have to maintain multiple servers anymore. It utilizes software to mimic hardware functionality, allowing you to run multiple apps and operating systems on one server. By subscribing to this service, you will free up your technicians’ time so they can focus on profit-generating projects.

Let us show you how

Benefits of our Virtualization service includes:


  • Improved productivity – your team will have fewer physical servers to monitor, leaving more time to work on your core processes
  • Better backup and disaster recovery – with automated replication software set up in most platforms, your essential files will always be backed up
  • Faster app and computer performance – your files and programs will load quicker, and applications will be implemented faster, leading to more productive hours
  • Reduction in hardware costs – you no longer have to invest in new servers just to cater to each of your programs
  • Smaller carbon footprint – since virtual environments use less equipment and electricity

Highly Responsive

“STF is so responsive! If they don’t know the answer they dig in and figure it out. I don’t think they’ve ever left a problem unsolved. They are awesome.”

Nicole Bueb
Operations Manager
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